Monday, November 13, 2006

Where It All Originates

Two of my best friends in the blogging world are Saija and her husband Leo. Check out her blog Thro' A Glass Darkly. Recently Saija posted photos of her computer desks, past and present. It's always good to know where her notes of encouragement originate. Here's the present version. Looks good!

I'm glad you're settling into your rental unit, Saija. When God gives you your own place again He will also provide the grace and strength needed to make the move.

Enjoy the present!

God is good! Thanks for your friendship, Saija (pronounced Sigh Ya)


  1. aww how sweet ... *grin* ...

    here i sit, at that very desk ... happy to have SPACE again!!!

    and i will be running to my computer to blog a.s.a.p. when "God's speedily" happens re a place to buy!

  2. Yes David, I can just picture this little sweetheart sitting here and sending us out such good cheer.
    She is always there when we need her!...just as Julie's "Fish" is!!..from Terry