Wednesday, June 07, 2006

??? (You Decide the Title)

During the Peterborough Petes' playoff run our local merchants got behind the team in a big way. Dozens of businesses had encouraging messages for the Petes on their storefront signs. Now that the Memorial Cup is over, the slogans are disappearing.

The pictured sign is still displayed by a toilet supplier in Peterborough's west end. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it and had to go back today to capture it on camera.

You can decide the title for this "post" but many of them come to mind and others have been suggested by family members who were with me when I took this picture.

To name a few...

The Petes...Gone To Pot
The Petes...Potty Trained
Free "P" Shirts
Petes are Pooped
Royal Flush
Petes Tanked
Get a Handle On It

These names are taken from the American Standard version...

Any more suggestions? Please leave a comment...Thanks!


  1. Ha! Not nice!!This doesn't sound like a winner to me!! from Terry