Saturday, June 24, 2006

Books and Baseball Bats

Visit my office and you'll seed a lot of two different things...books and baseball bats. So, the following quote by Steve Rushin in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated caught my eye. He writes, in the column entitled AIR AND SPACE:

"God made trees for three reasons: to give us books, to give us baseball bats and to give us shade in which to read books about baseball."

I'm a guy who loves God, books and baseball (in that order) so I thought it was a quote worth sharing.

There's a 4th reason though...

God made trees so Zacchaeus, the crooked, dishonest tax collector could get out on a limb and eventually have a life-changing encounter with His Son, Jesus Christ...that afternoon.

Have you met Jesus? Has He changed your life? I trust you can answer "Yes" to both of these questions.

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Really good posting David!

    As for me I love trees. Whenever Katy's son has to cut one down, I am really heart broken. Two years ago one majestic tree fell during a bad storm and I really felt bad. About six months later or so, I was surprised to see a little shoot growing beside that tree stump. I have been keeping my eye[and camera] on it ever since. This year that "little shoot" was a beautiful young tree and did it ever bear nice big leaves. I am going to email you a picture of it!
    So in the midst of death there is life!!

    Catch you again...from Terry

    PS..The best life we ever got was eternal life and that is why the Lord Jesus died on a tree!!