Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rocket Roger Rocks

Last night Roger Clemens started for the Lexington Legends, a minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros. Recently Clemens signed with the Astros, again, and is getting into shape with some minor league starts. One of many highlights in last night's game was the fact that Clemens' son Koby (pictured with his father) was playing 3rd base for the Legends.

Leftovers from "Roger Clemens Night" at Applebee's Park:

The announced crowd of 9,222?
The 9,000 part, ok. But 222?
On a night when No. 22 was pitching. Of course.
Then again, the Astros have set Clemens’ first outing for the parent club is June 22. Coincidence? We think not.
Clemens’ two youngest children served as batboys. Kacy is 11. Kody is 10. Kory Clemens, 18, sat in a suite with mother, Debbie.
Two of Clemens’ sisters, Brenda Pavlovich and Janet Johnson, were also on hand.
The Houston Chronicle reported that Roy Lee, Clemens’ uncle, and the brother of his deceased mother Bess, drove in from Carlisle, Ohio for the game.
One of the night’s neatest moments came when fans applauded Lake County’s Johnny Drennen after the first-year player homered off Clemens in the first inning.
So how did Clemens’ look from a pitching standpoint? Pretty sharp for someone who had not faced a batter since the U.S. was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic on March 17.
He threw 4 1/3 innings that night, allowing six hits and two runs. He threw 73 pitches.At Applebee’s on Tuesday, Clemens threw 62 pitches. He faced 13 batters in three innings. He threw eight first-pitch strikes. He had seven swinging strikes.
He reached a full count just once, then prompted the Lake County batter to fly out to the warning track in center.
He did throw 40 strikes, not 41. Hitting Lake County’s Marshall Szabo counts as a ball, of course.
Lake County fouled off 13 pitches, including the foul tip by Fornasiere that was caught by catcher Jeff Mackor for the final out in the third.

A great night for the Clemens family! A great night for baseball!

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