Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hurricanes Win...Hurricanes Win

Despite all my detractors, I continued to cheer for the Carolina Hurricanes throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs.

After the Senators and Mike Fisher were eliminated by the Sabres, a team I can't stand, I hoped and prayed that the 'Canes would go all the way.

Why? Several reasons...

- Glen Wesley had played so many seasons without a Stanley Cup.
- Eric Staal had such a breakout season and I was hoping he could cap it off with a Cup victory. His family are good friends of mine and I was cheering for Eric all the way.
- Cory Stillman has Peterborough connections and I've met him several times.
- Cam Ward played with incredible poise for a rookie and I appreciated his comments regarding his faith so much.

So...another NHL season has finally come to an end on the 19th of June, just before the 1st day of summer. What a year it's been! I guess we appreciated hockey so much more after the lockout last season!

CONGRATULATIONS, Glen, Eric, Cory and Cam! I'm thrilled for you! You deserve this!


  1. Ha!!! I share your happiness!! It was about time the Oilers got beat!! I don't like the Sabres either. I was surpised when Bernie got home a couple of weeks ago from the night shift and told me Lake Erie was really high. I asked. "It is?" and he said, "Yeh it is!!Buffalo is crying the blues because they lost and the whole city is in mourning and they are crying so much that the lake is filling fast with their tears!! Ha!!!"

    Now why am I glad that Carolina won? Well Carolina is dear to my heart. There are a lot of good Southern Gospel Music groups that come from that part of America!.....from Terry

  2. Terry: I share all of your sentiments. Just think...if we lived in North Carolina we could likely attend a Southern Gospel concert every night. Now that I'm home from Windsor/Detroit, I'll send that Gerald Wolfe CD right away.

    Be encouraged today! God is sovereign and He is on His throne.

    In Him,


  3. That we would be doing for sure Mr. Fisher. I would never get tired of going to Southern Gospel concerts! I always tell my American friends that they don't realize how lucky they are having the privilege to go to concerts almost whenever they want to!!!!
    We only get to two concerts a year now that Tonawanda, NY doesn't have one every October like they used to have. Of course once in a while they have a small concert in Niagara Falls at some theatre but it is a real gyp. Only about an hour worth of good singing and then you have to watch some dumb movie. I would rather listen to the music.It must of been so nice years ago when a concert was all night singing.

    Well have a good day! I have to go to Katy's tonight. I guess I will have to console her somewhat. She was rooting for the Oilers!! I will hasve to tell her though that at least Edmonton streets will be safe and nothing torn up! After all, if the Oilers HAD won that is what WOULD have happened. Ha!! Acutally her favorite team is Toronto and after that the Senators, so all in all that little lady has had one bad winter!.....from Terry

  4. Great game, great series, great playoffs... unfortunate result! I was hoping for the oilers, but can certainly appreciate the 'canes - Staal, Ward, Stillman, Recchi, Cole, and Wesley - I really like those players, so congrats to them...