Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hidden Reflections

You can barely see it but there's a hidden reflection of the photographer (me) of this photo in the picture on the wall of my office. You can see about 1/40th of the books in my library as well. Don't you ever DARE throw out any Christian books! I'll drive as far as Argentina to pick them up. Well, not quite!

Have a good and godly week!

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  1. Don't be surpised Mr. Fisher if one of these days you get a whole big box of CHRISTIAN books in the mail.Those books I never got rid of when we moved and they are mostly stuffed in the attic!![along with my guitar]... I had to be very sneaky about it too, because Bernie says there is no more room in this place.We have only a 700 square foot war time house.

    When we moved here,we had to get rid of one of my instruments. Sadly to say, it had to be my big organ. No way would I part with my piano!! It is a Heintzman upright grande and I taught a lot of lessons on it!

    I love what you have done with your reflection! What a neat idea! And what a good camera you have!

    You told us all to have a good week. Does that mean that we will not hear from you till next week? Not fair!! I love to read your postings!!

    You and your family take care yourselves and have a blessed week... Your's truly Teresa