Friday, June 30, 2006

Holly's Higher Hopes

Dear prayer partners:

Carol and I visited Holly today and we were thrilled with the progress in her recovery. She smiled and waved when we entered the ICU unit. Even though Holly is 26 years old, I have fond memories of her early childhood when she was a favorite of mine. Today I stroked her hair, her face and repeatedly told her I love her. I asked her what nickname I had given her when she was a little girl. She smiled and softly said, "Seamhead". Upon hearing that I was thrilled and told her that she was going to be O.K. You ask, "Why Seamhead?" Beth would often put Holly's hair in pigtails, forming a part (or seam) down the back of her head. Thus...the nickname "Seamhead". Before leaving Holly's bedside we prayed with her. Her nurse was watching and asked me if we were Christians. We responded in the affirmative and she told us that she, too, was a believer and was so pleased to see us praying with our niece.

Here's Holly's dad's latest update. Thanks, Ken for this excellent report:

Little Miracles, Little Steps, and the “Best Birthday Ever!”

Yesterday was my birthday, and only one week ago I would never have imagined celebrating my birthday let alone celebrating with Holly!

Yesterday was truly a miraculous day! Holly’s mom Beth, Grandma Fisher, Brock and Abby and I witnessed Holly sitting up in her ICU bed, “eating Mashed Potatoes by herself” We were all absolutely amazed as we watched her. This was the best Birthday present I could ever have wished for! Earlier in the day, when I first went in to see her, she looked up and said “Happy Birthday” and gave me a big smile. The progress Holly has made in the past two days is nothing short of incredible. The prayers offered up all over the world on Holly’s behalf are working!! Holly is off her Respirator, but continues to use an oxygen mask. She is still sedated for pain etc but her mental sharpness even with this sedation is great. Her wounds continue to heal. We are hoping she will be able to be moved from the ICU to a regular room in a few days. Her spinal injury continues to be the issue that will be a long term recovery and to what level we will, not know for months.

Please continue to pray for her recovery and specifically her spinal injury. We see little miracles every day and we can see Holly taking these little steps toward her recovery. She had two special visitors yesterday, her cousin Nancy, and when Nancy told her about all the people praying for her, even people in Cyprus, Holly said “I am going to get better”. Another friend “Brendan McShane” stopped by. Brendan has been a special friend to Holly over the years and Holly was delighted to see him. We think he received the biggest smile of them all!

Words cannot express our gratitude for the support and prayer for Holly.

Thank you!


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  1. Dear David.. This is such good news!!Holly was prayed for at prayer meeting this Wednesday at the Gospel Hall. As some of the people do not have computers, I am going to print out some of your reports and her parents reports and hang them on the bulletin board. Thanks so much for the updates!! Everyone will still be praying for your little "Seamhead" From Terry