Friday, June 09, 2006

The Next Book I Read

As you know, I'm a bookaholic. Books are my passion. Bookstores are my favorite place to visit.

The next book I want to read, cover to cover, is The Doctrines of Grace by Philip Graham Ryken and James Montgomery Boice. This was Boice's final work before cancer claimed his life and he went "home". He actually hadn't completely finished the book and his co-author, his successor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Philip Ryken, completed it for him.

I fondly remember hearing Dr. Boice preach at his church. What a compelling communicator! His deep, resonant voice was heard on the Bible Study Hour until his homecall.

The ongoing Calvinistic/Arminian debate intrigues me and, at the same time, confuses me and alarms me. When I go where Boice went, I'll know the answers.

Until then...

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