Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes, He Stops Me

The following "post" is taken in its entirety from my friend Debra's blog entitled As I See It Now. Thanks, Debra, for your excellent blog and the thought-provoking entries you make each day!

Debra writes:

Some people say they could never follow Jesus because He would stop them from having fun and good times... and that He would stop them from doing what they really wanted to do...and going where they wanted to go...and being what they wanted to be.

My list is different. I mean, yes, let's admit it-- Jesus does stop us from doing some things... He stops me all the time.

Jesus stops me from saying words I will later regret.

When I am sick and draped over my couch, He stops me from feeling sorry for myself and hopeless.

When I am alone, He stops me from feeling lonely... and He stops me from accepting all those pity party invitations.

And when people treat me horribly, He stops me from mistreating them or crumbling into shattered pieces.

He stops me from becoming bitter and unmerciful toward others--and myself.

He stops me from becoming lazy, sloppy and selfish.He stops me from judging others from my own, limited experience.

He stops me from making wrong moves and bad decisions.

He stops me from feeling unloved, unforgiven and unappreciated.

I prefer my list. I prefer my life. I would never choose a different one.

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