Friday, June 16, 2006

Ravenous But Satisfied

Those who entered Elijah's tent would have seen this picture dangling from the center pole.

It was a reminder of God's faithful provision by the brook Kerith and again, in the home of the widow and her son in Zeraphath.

What reminders do you have of God's marvellous intervention? How has Jehovah Jireh provided for you when it seemed that help could not be found? Some of my reminders are hymns or poems that our sovereign God gave me in times of desperate need.

This poem (which was given to me in two stages) continues to bring encouragement when I recall how God intersected with my life:

Our Great High Priest above,
In righteousness arrayed;
Presents our every need to God
Before we've even prayed!

Jehovah is His name,
Our needs He will provide;
His Word declared it to be true
And He has never lied.

Trust Him today in the midst of your seemingly impossible situation. "God will make a way when there seems to be NO way."

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  1. Dear Mr. Fisher...What a nice picture!

    I have found this out many times in my life how the Lord DOES provide. I remember the very first time that I saw this;
    In Trenton, where we first started to go to Sunday School, Mr. John Dixon would also bring us out on a Sunday afternoon to a little children's meeting that was held in another little town. Well one time on our way home from the meeting, Mr. Dixon's car ran out of gas.... A car full of kids,out of gas and in the middle of nowhere! What a situation! With nothing else to do, he got out of the car and went to a near by farm house, where the farmer gladly gave him gas, enough to get us home and then some! I will never forget when Mr. Dixon got into the car and I heard him say just very softly, "I have a wonderful Father!" I was only 7 years old at that time and I wondered who he was talking about. "That farmer wasn't his father!" It was much later that I realized, whenever I thought of this that he had been talking about God.
    I never forgot this.
    Even though we left Trenton, when I was 11 and moved to Manitboa, this story was forever in my heart.
    Almost 25 years later, I was living in Welland. Bernie and I used to quite often go to Ottawa on the labour day weekend by motorcycle. On our way home one year, we were almost out of gas, and decided to stop in Trenton to fill up. When Bernie went to reach for his wallet, he found that it was gone! Lots of more more miles to go,out of gas, and no money, and in the pouring rain!!
    It was just then that I thought of Mr. Dixon! I said to Bernie, "Let's call him!" and that we did! I hadn't seen Mr. Dixon for many years but when I told him on the phone who it was and what was the matter, he told us, "Come right over!!" Well he and his dear wife took us in for the night, fed us well and gave us money and then some, for gas to get home! And I had to say that night, "I have a wonderful Father!"
    When I wrote to Mr. Dixon to thank him, I related this little story to him and told him that he had probably never realized what an impression he had made on young minds, years ago when he was just a young man. What a glowing example of how his Father had provided!