Friday, June 23, 2006

Commodore...Hair No More

The other night while my friend Brodie MacLeod and I watched the Hurricanes celebrating their Stanley Cup win, I stated, quite emphatically, that I hoped Mike Commodore would get a haircut. Just looking at him made me feel itchy.

I'm so glad he overheard me and went and got rid of some hair... and, for charity to boot. Here's Commodore as he progressed from hairy to almost bald.

Or, as they say, "hair today, gone tomorrow"!


  1. David... The guy looks about ten years younger. He will have to fit himself up for a new helmet and let's just hope that "charity" will continue in his life!! least until the "balding" age where hair cuts come naturally. Ha!!... From Terry

  2. David,

    This makes me think of a certain red head I have seen in a photo from about 30 years ago! DIL