Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tuesday We Had Pasta

On Tuesday afternoon we pulled off a last-minute get-together with our Peterborough Petes. We met at Kelsey's restaurant at 1:00 p.m. for lunch and a season-ending meal. I was overjoyed when nineteen (19) of the guys showed up.

I brought along my sons Matthew and Nathan this time. The boys and the Petes were all off school for March break so we were able to meet before practice instead of after. Matthew was out in the parking lot before lunch shooting pix of the guys. I'm posting some of the better ones.
On the front of our final handout for the season I had printed, "REGULAR SEASON WRAP UP WITH PASTA FISHER." Kelsey's served everyone large portions of Caesar salad and a choice of a club wrap or chicken pasta...thus the title of the handout. Pasta Fisher left the guys with a list of things they should NEVER forget. The season ends this Saturday evening in Barrie, Ontario and our sons and I are going to make the trip. It'll be difficult to say my "good byes" after such a rewarding and profitable season. year!
Who are these guys?
Top row left (left to right) - Steve Lock & Tony Rizzi
Top row right (left to right) - Justin Soryal & Justin Caruana
Next row left - Jack Walchessan, Zach Bogosian & Pat Daley
" right - Ian Norrie (stick boy) & Zach Harnden
Next row left - Kris Krolouski & Steve Lock
" right - Pat Daley
Next row left - Arturs Kulda
" right - Justin Caruana
Bottom right - Trevor Cann

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