Monday, March 05, 2007

On To Oxford

Following my brief visit in Olney it was on to Oxford to visit my good friend Nathan Betts who is studying there. We attended a lecture on Friday evening in the Town Hall by William Lane Craig entitled "Does God Exist?". Craig is one of the leading apologists in the evangelical world today.

On Saturday we went to The Kilns the home where C. L. Lewis lived. What an experience! Nathan and I were greeted by Teresa, our wonderful hostess, and spent several hours there. After our tour we were treated to tea and cookies! The writings of Lewis will evoke more interest now that I've been to his home, sat in his chair and learned more about him. I took a number of pictures in his home and Teresa took some of Nathan and myself as well.

A great visit!
Note: We opened the wardrobe door but weren't transported to Narnia!

1 comment:

  1. So nice David. I am glad that someone took pictures of yourself and Nathan,
    That will be your proof to us that you really ARE over in England!
    You look very tired and I hope that you are not over doing it too much.

    Maybe you will be a tea toddler when you get back to Canada,David.
    I do hear though that Tim Horten's serves some special teas!
    You will not be changing your coffee shop just your choice of beverage!

    You should of not taken the chance of opening that wardrobe door Pilgrim David.
    What would you have ever done if you HAD been transported to Nardia,eh?
    Your dream trip would have turned into a nightmare!!
    Nardia indeed!!..............From Terry