Thursday, March 15, 2007

Going Ape

We're having a ball at Great Wolf Lodge. Kids running everywhere! Screaming! Yelling! In and out the door. We are staying with our friends and between the two families there are at least 20 of us! We all went to Swiss Chalet in Niagara Falls tonight.

By the time we left... our waitress was looking a bit haggard. I took this photo after giving her a 50 cent tip. Just kidding! We rewarded her generously for putting up with this noisy crew! Pray for Ape Rill.

Thank to jel at my place for the photo. Don't know if she took it from her family album or not.


  1. Thid picture is not in your family photo album at all David Fisher unless somewhere along this road of life you sre one of Bernie's long lost relatives!........from Terry

  2. FISH!!!!!!!!!

    that picture was sent to me in an e-mail awhile back. Gota love it!