Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Leading Comment...ator

All my blogging buddies will agree that receiving complimentary comments on our sites is always an added blessing. Thank you so much for yours...dear friends!

Terry from Canadian Blogger is always such an encouragement. You could read her comment following my Retracing My Steps post but for those who don't do such things, here's what she wrote. She knows my heart and can write her comment with such understanding. I trust that others of you felt that you were along with me on my pilgrimage to England. I certainly sensed your prayers.

Terry (whose real name is Teresa) comments:

"As you do post these "ramblings" when they come to your heart and mind, it is surely like we had been standing there with you when you went on your dream trip. If you posted just a story to tell and were not showing your true feelings at the moment then it would be all so cold and stiff. When you are actually in the joy of the moment remembering what you were feeling as you gazed at those buildings and thought of the thousands of children who had entered the doors and came out of them, actually many of them having been born again because of George Muller, then the story is as fresh as the morning dew.

So delighted are we to be able to read it." - Terry

Thanks, Terry! And, thanks for the celebration that our family had recently! You know what I mean! GOD IS SO GOOD!


  1. terry is such an encouraging soul, isn't she? she does make me smile ... and what she wrote was true ... :o)

  2. I JUST finished writing a note to Terry about what a great friend she's been to me, and then I come over to here to see that others agree! Not that I'm surprised!!

    Terry, you are such a blessing to us all!