Sunday, March 25, 2007


Yesterday Matthew (11) and I watched the movie Amazing Grace at a theatre in Toronto. This cinematic depiction of the lives of William Wilberforce and John Newton opened on Friday in Canada at select (which means "very few") theatres across the country. Surprisingly only a handful of cinemas are showing Amazing Grace in Toronto.

It's still too soon to give a well-thought-out review of what we witnessed. Because of my passion for church history, Wilberforce and Newton are heroes of mine and my recent visit to England where I saw their graves only heightened my interest.

Some reviewers say that the film drags on and doesn't capture the viewers attention throughout. I can understand that sentiment yet it was not the case with me.

Ioan Gruffudd, who plays Wilberforce, turned in a stunning, passionate performance. It challenged me to press on with the endeavors I'm involved with even though they may not seem to be fruitful much of the time. One of Albert Finney's quotes (he played the part of ex-slave trader John Newton) is "God sometimes does his work with gentle drizzle, not a bolt of lightning." A profound statement! We too often look for and expect the lightning bolts and are discouraged with the gentle drizzle or our lives and ministries.

In another scene we find Newton stating, “All that I know is I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior." Hopefully we all can make that same declaration! I uttered a loud AMEN at that juncture in the movie.

I'll go to watch the movie again this week. I want to be profoundly impacted more than once. I know the coldness of my own heart and one viewing will not be enough.

Should you see it? YES! Then you can make your own decision regarding the movie. In my own humble (I wish) opinion, the movie was amazing. Just like God's grace!

Following the movie the sparse crowd of 30-40 patrons sat and watched the brief vignettes showing each actor/actress and when a lone piper played Amazing Grace with an accompanying drum corps, we continued to sit in silent awe.



  1. i would love to see it ... but will wait until it's on tv - so leo can watch too ... i'm glad that there are some Christian movies being made!

    The Last Sineater by Francine Rivers was made into a movie, and got bad reviews from the seculiar press?

    maybe the DVD sales will be good, compared to the cinema number?

    it's starting melting here ... :o)

    hope all is well in your world!!! blessings to you & the fam!

  2. We loved the movie too! I was surprised it was showing in Utah. Usually, good Christian movies like the movie, Facing the Giants, are not shown in our area.

  3. It must of been something for you to watch David, seeing as you know the history and if you say it was good and Pilot Mom says she loved it, I value your opinions.
    Do you think that it will be for rent eventually from a a video store?
    If so we will get my niece to rent it and we'll watch it at home.

    Pilot mom I have heard so much about the "Facing The Giants" movie.
    Both Jel and my kindred friend, Susan have written about it on their blogs.
    It sounds really good too!

    Well everyone have a good week and wish your mostest for warm weather!!
    It works because Saija has been wishing and look, Manitoba is starting to melt!...From Terry