Friday, March 23, 2007

And...Speaking Of Books

Speaking of books, the latest book I added to my library is perhaps one of the most needed challenges to today's evangelical (???) church. John MacArthur pulls no punches when he writes of how Christian truth and doctrine is being sacrificed on the modern-day altar of relevance. His book THE TRUTH WAR needs to be read and thought through!

The margins of the book are filled with meaty quotes taken from the text. If you buy the book and read nothing but these excerpts by MacArthur you would benefit...if you allow the Spirit of God to permeate and illuminate your thinking.

MacArthur takes Brian McLaren to task concerning his generous orthodoxy which is also the title of one of his recent books (McLaren's).

Why have we slipped so subtly into the practice of placing less importance on truth and doctrine and more attention to reaching the lost and skeptical where they're at?

Here's one of those quotes that MacArthur's editors have placed in the margin:

"Uncertainty is the new truth. Doubt and skepticism have been canonized as a form of humility. Right and wrong have been redefined in terms of subjective feelings and personal perspectives."

Do you agree? Pick up a copy of THE TRUTH WAR, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers at your local Christian bookstore! You might not like what you read but...what MacArthur declares needs to be shouted from the housetops.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion...I'll be sure to check it out!