Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beautiful Bath

Today I spent my time in beautiful, ancient Bath. I dropped in to visit the offices of Echoes of Service, a Plymouth Brethren missions agency here in Britain.

The architecture in this town is breathtaking! The Royal Crescent is an historical masterpiece. (pictured)

Today was a difficult day in another sense. I developed what apparently is called a "floater" in my left eye last night. This black thing that looks like a worm keeps crawling over the surface of my eye. I saw an optometrist today and she said it's not serious but it won't go away. Yuck! A worm-looking thing on the surface of my eye for the rest of my life? Please pray for me. Today was the first time that a slight bout of depression hit me. Maybe the aftermath of seeing what I waited a lifetime for...the Muller orphanage buildings. Of course it could be that I'm missing my family a lot. Overall it's been a wonderful experience. Life-changing!

Lots of love,

The Pilgrim

P. S. Thanks for your ongoing prayers!

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  1. Dear David...I feel really bad about your eye, but don't give up hope because maybe in Canada the doctors will know exactly what to do for you and besides God is over all!

    I know you must be awfully homesick David but just think of Carol and the kids. They must of had a really hard time the last week. They are so used to you being with them all the time and just think of the welcome you will be getting when you get home!
    And think about the celebration dinner that you will be having at Kelseys or The Swiss Chalet with your family and maybe a few special friends gathered around you listening to your story about your adventures in Bristol!
    And just think of how good that cup of tea will taste in Tim Hortons as you shoot the breeaze with that Brodie!

    Please don't be discouraged Pilgrim David because that would make us ALL wasy too sad...From Terry