Friday, March 09, 2007

Basking in the Father's Love

My friends, while waiting for Roger Steer, biographer of my heroes George Muller and J. Hudson Taylor to arrive at the cathedral in Exeter, England on Wednesday, I was sitting on a park bench basking in the Father's love.

These words came to me and this pilgrim scribbled them down while waiting. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and I was sensing God's presence in a refreshing way.

Today (Friday) as I was going over the words of the first verse in my mind, the melody came to me so I had to record the tune with my camera so I wouldn't forget it. If I had a tripod I could have focused the lens of my SONY on the piano keyboard as I played but this rendition will have to do until I get more sophisticated. May God minister His peace to you as you listen.

NOTE: I'm having difficulty downloading the video I took of me playing this song. Please enjoy the words until I can get the audio visuals added. If you know how to do this, please let me know. THANKS!

UPDATE: I was able to download the video to YOU TUBE so you can hear the melody as I played it on the piano. Please note that my voice breaks a couple of times due to the emotional nature of the subject matter and the wonderful way in which the Lord graciously provided the lyrics and the tune. Thanks for your understanding. Be blessed!

Here is the link:


Basking in the Father's love,
Beams of mercy from above;
Daily His great promise prove,
I am His!

He has bought me, saving grace,
Given me in heav'n a place;
One day soon I'll see His face,
I am His!

When my ship the storm assails
Then His promise never fails;
He is there 'midst fiercest gales,
I am His!

Soon this journey will be o'er,
And I'm safe on heaven's shore;
There abide for evermore,
He is mine!

- David W. Fisher - March 7th, 2007
On sitting in the cathedral close in Exeter, England waiting for Roger Steer


  1. Beautiful--both the words and the pic. Thank you for sharing. It was a message I needed to be reminded of today.

  2. I came across your blog a few months back while looking on a friends blog. I have continued to come back and have been greatly encouraged by your postings and the wonderful ministries that you are a part of!

    Your blog has given me great encouragement when I have needed it... 'I am His and He is mine' was the comfort I needed this evening!!!

    Thank you and God bless you!