Thursday, March 15, 2007

Persistence Pays...Becky's Back

Dear friends...further to my post earlier tonight concerning our friend Becky, she responded right away to my e-mail and gave me permission to pass along this update.

I'm posting Becky's e-mail in its entirety and would encourage you to visit her blog, get her e-mail address, send her a note and continue to lift her up before the Lord in your prayers.

Becky writes:

Hi David...thank you so much for your continued love and support.

I'm nearing the end of my final year of University (although I have one more year of teaching practicum to go before I'm officially a school teacher). It's been a long haul, and true to any race, the last few 'miles' have been the most difficult. In order to graduate, I've had to take a math course. Since it's been about 25 years since I've done any math other than calculating shopping discounts, I'm really, really struggling. As it looks now, I may need to take the course again in the summer in order to continue on to my Professional Year. I would appreciate any and all prayers in that regard.

As for the 'rest' of my life, Kyle is thriving and things on the domestic front have continued to be disappointing and hard. Last August, I finally got all the pieces to the puzzle and I have made the decision that Kyle and I will go it alone. There are just some things that cannot be repaired, no matter what. Also, financially, things are looking pretty dire for my final year of schooling, but I'm trusting that God didn't bring me this far to abandon me now. I'll need to find a cheaper place to live and that's going to take a miracle. The average basement suite here is about $700/month. That's about $300 more than I can afford. So...again, prayers in that area would also be appreciated. Feel free to pass this info on to any who still wonder how I'm doing. I hope all is well with you. How was your recent trip to England?

Holding Tightly to His Hand,


O. K. is our opportunity to show true Christian love and care towards Becky. Let's overwhelm her with our prayers and encouragement.

Note: The picture in this post was taken from one of Becky's earlier posts.


  1. I had popped over to tell you that I had received a note and a copy of the email she sent you. I'm so glad you have shared it with others who will be faithful to lift her up before His throne of grace.

    Glad you are back.

  2. Dear David...I just came to say Hi to you but I will go down to Becky's now.

  3. so glad that you solved a mystery ... re Becky ... and that she is still clinging to God's hand ... some of her old posts have still stayed with me ... she is a powerful writer ...