Friday, March 09, 2007

HOME...At Last

Well, my friends, I arrived back in Toronto's Pearson Airport around 1:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday) where I was greeted by my good friend and office colleague, David Kennedy. It was good to be home.

What a memorable trip! What an awesome experience to walk where some of my heroes made history! I even brought back a piece of stone from one of Muller's orphanage buildings and a piece of rock from a stone fence that was being renovated. Great paper weights and conversation starters! To be shown the original book where George Muller himself recorded the details of the very first orphan was quite a thrill that I will never forget.

Now that I'm home (and it sure was good to see Carol and my family) I will be sorting my pictures, posting a selection of them, capturing my reflections as I look back on my pilgrimage and gradually coming to some conclusions.

It was the trip of a lifetime! Everything I hoped it would be!

Spending time with my dear friend Nathan Betts, meeting Julian Marsh and his staff at the Geroge Muller Foundation and getting acquainted with author and new-found friend Roger Steer were such blessings to this weary pilgrim! I can't forget the helpful and hospitable staff at the Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney. They welcomed me with such warmth!

The only downfalls? Split shoes, sore legs and feet from many miles walked on foot, a "floater" in my eye that I will get checked out next week.

The positives? Too many to mention in one sitting! You'll hear them all as this pilgrim relates his progress.

Finally, thanks to all of you who made the journey with me through your faithful prayers, comments and expressions of love! You made the trip that much more special. Terry (from Canadian Blogger) thanks for being my pilgrimage communicator back home when I couldn't post when I needed to. Thanks, too, for rallying our blogging buddies to pray for me. I was greatly appreciated!

And Brodie...are you still with us? It's almost a month since your last post.

Much love in Christ, David
The phostos? A monument of Anglican theologian Richard Hooker in the cathedral close at Exeter Cathedral, and the gravesite of beloved hymn writer and former slave trader, John Newton in the church yard in Olney.

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  1. Dear David..So glad that you have returned safe and sound, split shoes and all!!

    I just imagine that you were very tired when you did arrive home because your blog was silent!
    If you keep that up I will have to call you Brodie the second!

    Yes, all of your blogging friends certainly did pray for you and you came back, bringing us good weather from England.
    Yesterday the sun finally came out and the snow started to melt and today in the sun, here in Welland it was 50 degrees so thanks for THAT!

    It was just a pleasure for me David to meet some of your dear friends in the blogging world. There are so many!

    I will be glad when you post a picture of the rock that you brought home.

    Did you take any pictures of the book that Mr. Muller wrote in. The Sony camera is just great for that. I have emptied a lot of my mom's photo albums taking pictures OF the pictures!!

    I really hope that the doctors can fix that floater in your eye. It would be so aggravating for you!

    As for the sore legs just take a good long rest, eh? And take it easy for a day or two!

    Catch you later...

    I hope that you got the mail I sent to you and Carol. I forgot your address so I had to Google 411 to find it and hope that it was the right one!....From Terry