Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beckoning Becky

Many of you have corresponded with our blogging buddy Becky and we've been praying for her during the very difficult time she's been going through. I e-mailed her again tonight to assure her of our prayers.

Her blog is entitled The Faith Expedition. Please check it out and e-mail her to let her know that you're standing with her.

In Becky's most recent post which was back in June of 2006 she wrote:

It is what I long for...

Not the absense of sorrow
but the presence of joy within it.

Not the absense of pain
but the presence of love surrounding it.

Not the absense of suffering
but the presence of grace above it.

For life without sorrow, and pain and suffering
is also a life without joy and love and grace.

Still believing....Becky

Friends, let's encourage our sister in the Lord and pray for her even if we don't hear back from her. THANKS!

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