Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rollercoaster Ups & Downs

Gabe is back! The rollercoaster ride continues but it's always good when you're going UP. That downward ride can take your breath away. Tonight I read on the "ticker" at the bottom of the TSN screen that Gabe Gross has been recalled by the Toronto Blue Jays. I immediately called Gabe to congratulate him and welcome him back! As I said in an earlier "post", we submit our lives to God's will and His timing and, hopefully, leave the concerns with Him. The scriptures remind us that "He will perfect that which concerns us." (I'm not sure of the chapter and verse offhand)

Welcome back to Toronto, my friend!

Gabe is back in town!

Be sure to check out the comings and goings, or the ups and downs, of Gabe & Kelly Gross at:

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