Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More "Book Stuff"

There are numerous "tag" games going on in the blogging world. I love questionnaires (usually) so I'm always ready to respond when I'm asked to list something.

People are being "tagged" with the following questions. I gladly give my answers and would encourage you, my readers, to respond and let me know what your book preferences are.

Here are the questions:

Total books owned...ever: I haven't counted recently but I would estimate that I have about 3,000 - 4,000 books in my library.

Last book I bought: I bought about 50 books at a garage sale. I paid $.75 for Explore the Book by J. Sidlow Baxter which retails for over $125.00 CDN. now. A fantastic bargain!

Last book I read: I have several on the go at any one time. I re-read The Red Sea Rules most recently.

Five Books that mean a lot to me: The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan, By Searching by Isobel Kuhn, George Muller of Bristol by A. T. Pierson, Running on Empty by Fil Anderson & Found Faithful by Elizabeth Skoglund

So, my friends, send me your answers! E-mail me at dwfisher@nexicom.net or post your answers in my "Comments" section. Thank you!

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  1. i played along too ... but had to be prodded by another blogger first! ... :o)... it is always interesting to see what & who folks are reading!