Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Buddies Ron & Don

What a strange winter it has been with no NHL hockey! I've missed my buddies Ron & Don as well. They are quite the team! I can think of other teams that have made a greater impact though. Moody and Sankey! Torrey and Alexander! Billy Graham and Cliff Barrows! David Warren Fisher and Bryan Francis Johnson, the great double play combo for the Ambassador All Stars.

My Buddies (?) Ron MacLean & Don Cherry

As you might have guessed, Ron & Don aren't really my buddies but I've written them notes of encouragement over the years and this postcard was in response to a more recent letter I sent.

What "team" are you part of? Do you work well with somebody, making an impact in "your" world? What about those notes of encouragement, those "epistles" than can bless someone at a time of deep need? Why not send off a note today! What better team than you and God working together...encouraging one person at a time!

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  1. That's a great reminder David! Emails are so easy to send but they lack the personal 'I care' touch of a hand-written note or card! I'll try to think of someone this week I can encourage. Have an awesome new week David!