Monday, June 13, 2005

A Dad's Influence

Blogging buddy Susan wrote the following "piece" on the influence a father can have! Good stuff! We fathers know, all too well, what our shortcomings have been. I thank God that He has protected a lot of children (including mine) from many destructive influences and circumstances brought about by fathers who haven't fulfilled their God-ordained calling. For those fathers out there who read this article, may God equip and enable us to be the men He has called us to be!

Fishing With Dad

Susan writes:

As Father's Day fast approaches...I've been reflecting upon dads and the impact they make on their daughters life. Specifically my dad...Frank. My dad died when I was 10 years old. Unless my dad had a deathbed conversion...he was not saved...and I will not see him in heaven. I don't remember too awfully much about my dad. My memories are very few and faint. I think I can see the effect of a father on a daughter...based on the holes left behind by my dad's absence.

A daughter's self esteem and the value with which she sees in herself is rooted and established in her relationship with her father. When a daughter knows she is loved for who and what she is, she will not seek out that love in promiscuous relationships...seeking to be affirmed by a man. She will have been affirmed by her dad and be able to have healthy relationships with men. She will be secure and know that she is loved.She will make better choices in her relationships with men. She will have a better shot at having a good, loving and health marriage. Last and most important...a father influences how a child will view God.

This is not limited solely to daughters but also impacts sons. God is viewed as our Heavenly Father. If our view of our earthly father is negative, unloving or will impact how we view God the Father. Fathers...God has called you to an all important and impactful job...that of being a father. Your influence is one that effects your child’s earthly life greatly. It may also have an eternal impact on the lives of your children and grandchildren. Choose and live each day carefully, in the light of eternity.

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