Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Out on a Limb

One of the priceless treasures I picked up at a recent garage sale was a book about D. L. Moody written by about a dozen contemporaries of his. The book is replete with sepia illustrations of Moody's life, his conference centre at Northfield, MA, friends and family.

This is a picture of the great author, pastor and preacher, F. B. Meyer. While staying at Northfield during a ministry tour, Meyer would often climb a nearby tree and enjoy the presence of God...on a higher plane...literally. Where do you go to be quiet before the Lord? My mentor, Keith Price, was mentored by the highly esteemed A. W. Tozer. Tozer challenged Keith to find a quiet place without distractions, even if it was behind the furnace in the basement. My dear friend Paul Collet has a special place in his apartment where he meets with God every morning. Then, when the weather is favourable, he drives to the highest point in Peterborough, Armour Hill, and revels in God's handiwork.

High Time for Quiet Time for F. B. Meyer

Whether on a tree branch or behind a furnace, find a place! God will meet us anywhere! He's just waiting for us to be quiet and still and He'll show up!

In one of Keith Price's messages he spoke of Moses meeting with God is a pre-determined place. "Then the Lord said, 'There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock'." - Exodus 33:21

Where's YOUR place?

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  1. Hi David... Hey! I think I have that same book written about D.L. Moody--and I found mine at a yard sale, too! Is it one which came out right after his death and has a nice old maroon cover? For years I've loved reading about Moody and reading his sermons,too, especially his illustrations. I love his story about leaving his house on the night of the great fire and how his wife wanted him to carry the painting of him--but he thought how ridiculous that would look if someone were to ask him, "Were you able to save anything?" and he'd just have to stand there and show them he'd saved a portrait of himself. I laughed about that for days--he told it much better than I can. :) God bless... Debra