Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Susan, one of my blogging buddies, attends Chuck Obremski's church, Kindred Community Church, and has included much about Chuck and the church on her site.

Here are a number of quotes from Chuck that she shared. I'll call them Chuckisms for lack of a better name:

"Death is not the end of the road...but a bend in the road."

"Our convictions aren't really ours until we've paid for them."

"God's judgment will make sense in heaven...when we have fuller perspective and see things how God sees them."

"Live life in the light of eternity...and know that He will make everything right in His time."

"What would it take for you to deny your Savior?"

"Rest and have courage...in God's time table."

"We die by divine appointment...on time...on God's time table."

"The first time you quit, it makes quitting easier the next time."

Check out Susan's blog at: http://www.thesusanblog.blogspot.com

Check out Chuck's church's web site: http://www.kindredcommunitychurch.org

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  1. Love it David...you've got some good stuff here. Your blog is quickly becoming my favorite. I'll be checking it daily.

    You are definitely inspiring me to transcribe my notes from Chuck's sermons.

    Wisdom, humor, laughter and tears are frequently a part of every sermon. It's a very precious time...and wonderful to see God at work in life and heart of a man yielded fully to God's plan. Boldly and uncompromisingly leading a congregation that loves God and their beloved shepherd.

    Thank you for your commitment to spreading God's word...bringing salvation to the lost and encouraging fellow Christians in their daily walk. Awesome Job!