Thursday, June 16, 2005

Getting Ready To Go

We all make final preparations before leaving on a trip! Often we rush around at the last minute making sure that everything has been looked after.

Several days ago I wrote about my friend Gordon Dorey and his readiness to see Jesus face to face. I visited him on Saturday and he got his orders to "come home, my child" on Tuesday (June 14th). Gord is finally "home"!

The account of Gord's final moments before leaving on the "trip of an eternity" is recorded below. What a time that must have been for his wife Norma and the rest of the family! It reminds me of my final moments with my beloved dad.

Here's that account:

This morning, Tuesday, with several family members in his room, Gord spoke his last words. Terry (his son) had a pen ready and jotted them down. "Jesus, I'm ready", he said. "Amen. Thank you, Jesus." He paused, then calmly stated, "Ready to go." There then followed a few moments when those in the room all agreed it looked like Gord was taking instructions. That concluded, he responded, "Yes Lord." And finally his last, calm statement was, "Norma, it's OK."

It was 12 o'clock noon. Said Terry, "It was terrible and wonderful at same time."

What an entrance into the presence of the King that must have been!

Are you ready should the Lord call you today! Have you determined your destiny by trusting God's Son, Jesus Christ, as your Savior and Lord? I pray that you have!
- David


  1. David -

    Thank you for including this account of Gord going home. I only learned of Gord's passing a few moments ago. I knew him as a pastor, a teacher, and a friend - even a customer when I used to operate a landscape business.
    Gord will be deeply missed - but only for a little while - we can be confident that we'll meet again.

    Thanks, Lord, for letting me know Gord.

  2. i copied and sent this to e-mail buds ... who were touched (as Leo & i were) by this beautiful homecoming ... WOW ... so glad you shared it! thanx, David!

  3. Dear David:
    Thank you that you put this on your site. We've been out of the country and had no idea that Gord's earthly pilgrimage was completed on June 14th. We learned of his death on July 4th at Elim Lodge, but didn't know the details.

    We considered Gord and Norma our friends and enjoyed our fellowship at Elim each summer. We've been praying for both Gord and Norma and rest in His perfect will in this situation.

    Wayne and Colleen Robinson