Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Man and His Books

Show me someone's library and I can get a fairly accurate picture of that person's heart. Leave me in a pastor's library for a few hours and I'm a contented man. One of my favourite places to visit is my pastor/friend Reid Cook's library. There's a special peace about that place. We've often prayed there and God meets us amongst the books. Any Christian book lover is a friend of mine!

Here's another great photo from the D. L. Moody book, a picture of his study at Northfield. The picture on the wall behind his desk is a portrait of his mother. Yes, I love books but I wouldn't want you to visit my study right now. The shelves, the desks and the floor are all covered with books. What a mess! But it's a "good" mess because it's books that are everywhere. And I can't forget that pile of books beside my bed that Carol keeps asking me to weed out. I guess I'm an incurable bookaholic and I'm fine with that!

Moody's Study/Library at Northfield

The apostle Paul must have been a bibliophile too. He wrote young Timothy and asked him to bring him the cloak he had left with Carpus at Troas, his scrolls but especially the parchments. - 2 Timothy 4:13

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