Sunday, June 05, 2005

One of Chuck's Sheep

Susan, a member at the church pastored by Chuck Obremski, wrote the following note in response to my "posts" regarding Pastor Chuck:

Here is the link to our church's website: I would encourage you or others to go to it. You can download Chuck's sermons on line. If you are moved by Chuck's can also e-mail the church's audio ministry to have the sermon's sent to you on CD each week. Our church motto is "Reaching the World with the Word". I can't truly begin to explain how much Chuck as touched me personally but also so many people with whom I've shared his CD's. God is using Chuck to bring many people to Christ. Thank you for being faithful to post an article on a true man of God...who will hear those words of our Lord and Savior "Well done good and faithful servant."

Here's Susan's web site:

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