Monday, December 25, 2006

He Shoots, He Snores

Merry Christmas, friends!

Hope you had a great day! This evening I got rid of my inhibitions (no I was NOT drinking...I don't drink) and got all dressed up in my CPAP machine mask (for my recently diagnosed sleep apnea) and my hockey helmet and gloves.

What a sight! We had to take Victoria's dog somewhere else or he would have gone crazy with his incessant barking if he saw me.

Just thought you might be amused but, if you're not, that's alright. This ol' pilgrim has to be crazy sometimes! Right?



  1. Aw!! Poor David!! But my oh my what a dedicated hockey fan he is!!
    Hope your team won!!....From Terry

  2. Good golly sure do look funky!

  3. you changed your blog, I like!

    you remind me of Big Birds friend,
    Snuffy :)

  4. Meant to tell you, I like the blog changes, too. Very nice. Ah, but that c-pap machine--you silly guy! Made me laugh out loud. Hubby has one but quit using the doc has him going back for another sleep test. Take good care!