Monday, December 11, 2006

Proud Grandma

Last Saturday my mom, Mike Fisher's grandma, got to see her 1st Senators' game in Ottawa. It was the first time mom had seen Mike play, "live", since his Junior days.

Mike took time out after the game, before flying to Columbus, to visit with mom!

Great memories!


  1. Glad that your mom, got to see her, grandson, play!


  2. All these proud grampas and grammas, I don't know!!
    If you want my true opinion they are pretty RICH people and I don't mean money-wise either!!...Love Terry

  3. Sorry about that David...I guess the papas are pretty well off too!!...Terry

  4. What a nice picture! That must have been such a great night for your mother.

    (Also- great to see Mike wearing the A! Nice goal vs. Columbus too!).

    In His Love-