Friday, December 01, 2006


Anyone else having problems downloading pictures on your BLOGGER site today? Any suggestions?

The Pilgrim


  1. David , try to post some pictures now , I just did and it worked fine!

    have a great day!

  2. Me too David...I just wonder if that is the beta acting up?

    Jel and I figured we better do a posting before you started to yell at us or something!...From Terry

    Hi Jel!! Maybe we should name that tree of yours "The Shivering Tree of Janice"
    Very imaginative, eh...What say??

  3. I've had trouble and my niece has had problems, too. I just leave it for a little while and come back to it and, usually, it then posts. I have one blogging buddy who swears by PhotoBucket.

  4. hi David ,

    Terry ,
    let's not call it That ! Please

  5. Hi Fish

    I've had big troubles to. I'm ok on my computer that has Internet explorer 6 and by only doing 1 photo at a time. Beta is not great and I think combo of that and internet 7 is notfun. Iput some photo's ups on mine recently of our christmas chapel at our house, you'll have to check it out...

  6. Hey David...long time no talk.

    Actually like you and others I have was having problems. The solution I discovered by accident. When blogging...or at least posting pictures use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer.

    Mozilla is a faster browser and I've had no problem in uploading photos ever since I started using it.

    Not sure what the difference is...but I would try to post a picture multiple times without success on IE. On works like a snap.

    If you need to use Internet Explorer for some can go in on Tools, Internet Options, then delete your history and the cookies. Sometimes (not always) that works.

    Good luck my friend. To quote Hugh Hewitt...Blog on...and Lord Bless...Susan