Friday, December 08, 2006

Fish Stories

With a nickname like "FISH" it's ironic that some of my favorite accounts in the New Testament are "fish stories". Now don't get me wrong. I hold a high view of Scripture and I cherish an inerrant Bible in the orinigal autographs.

The stories I enjoy are the ones concerning some of the early disciples who left their nets to follow Jesus. I've preached several times from John 21 where Jesus encounters Peter, John and five other disciples trying to catch fish. They are out in the boat trying unsuccessfully to catch a big one. Meanwhile the Master is onshore cooking up some fish on the fire. You know the rest of the story, I'm sure.

I've entitled my message "From Bed to Breakfast By Way of the Tree". Of course the bed in the manger, breakfast is the beach scene and the tree is Calvary.

I've drawn a parallel between those three vignettes fin the life of Christ and the events of Christmas morning at our home and many others. We go from bed to breakfast by way of the tree. No way that an 11-year-old and a 10-year-old are going to have breakfast before opening those gifts under the tree.

One of the components of our MONDAY WE HAVE FISH Bible studies with the Peterborough Petes is the story-telling time. I've always got a real-life story or two to illustrate the Bible passage I'm dealing with. Yes, these could be called "Fish Stories" but they're always TRUE, just like the biblical accounts.

So...I found it interesting when I saw this sign in the mall in Lansing, Michigan the other day. I just had to bring it home.

Yes, "Fish Stories" are told here on Pilgrim Scribblings but they, too, are genuine, true, reliable accounts of one man's journey home.

We are instructed to be "Fishers of Men"!

Caught anything lately? Any bites?


  1. Dear David..I don't think any of your stories are fish tales but I quite often wonder about your twin brother "Wilbur" You haven't mentioned him lately and quite frankly it sounds pretty fishy to me if this fella' even exists!!
    How about it David?
    [Readers, the Fish mentions this guy in July 17. 2006 posting]]...from Terry

  2. Loved the post...always a good read, my friend. Warm Christmas blessings to you and yours!