Monday, December 18, 2006

House Warming Party

Saija and Leo are getting settled in their new "digs", their condo. As all of the "Fisher Connection" knows, from Saija's posts, they had been praying for God to provide a new place for them to live...and He did...before Christmas. Hallelujah! (Pictures are from Saija's place)

If we are lived in their neighborhood we'd be invited to a house warming party but, alas, we are all separated by many miles.

So, let's all come here to PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS and then take a visit together to THRO' A GLASS DARKLY and wish Saija and Leo God's blessing as they begin the latest phase of their lives together and with Him.

Drop Saija a note, leave her a comment, let's make them feel welcome!

Have a great week, dear blogging buddies! God is good, Jesus came, fully God and fully man and our lives have been changed forever through faith in Him.


P. S. Saija writes concerning "home":

"Jesus didn't have an earthly home to be born in ... just a stable ... yet, He has given us a home to move to - during this season of celebrating His birth ... i found that so ironic ... and so wonderful ... a present that speaks volumes to me ... it just reminds me again and again, that my true HOME is with Christ ... He knows i think that way ... yet, He gave us this place that we wanted ... and the timing makes me tear up ... a true Christmas present of the heart ..."


  1. aww, that is a wonderful bloggedity house warming present ... to knit 3 posts together like that ...

    if i could only express how beautifully God answered this prayer about a suitable home for us ... there are only 6 of these particular bungalow-type condos in our little town and though i prayed with belief - i didn't really think that God would actually make one available in time for Christmas!!

    i am still feeling so blessed, my eyes well-up quite quickly these days ...

    blessings to the whole fisher connection!

  2. what does a person bring to a bloghouse warming party?


  3. Dear David...If you know me, I surly WOULD love to go to the house warming party at Leo's and Saija's!!
    She is living on the prairies and that is where my heart is...Beautiful Manitoba!!

    Jel...If I were Saija, what I woud be doing is printing all of these well wishes from David's blog house warming party and putting them into a guest book which she and her sweetheart would cherish for years to come!
    Hmmm. A Cyber space guest book...Great stuff!!...Love Terry

  4. Congrats again! There's no better time to be home than at Christmas.
    I like Terry's idea of a cyber guest book :)