Thursday, December 28, 2006

Strength For The Journey

This morning I was reading the explanation concerning the logo for Joseph Stowell's STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY devotional ministry.

Here's the logo:

And here's the explanation:

The “leaping” figure in our logo depicts the joy and strength that God and His Word provide for those of us who look to Him for the strength that we need for our journey. But given the fact that life is rarely straight and predictable, the zigzag lines in the figure remind us that in spite of the changing nature of our journey, our Lord fills the unpredictable with His confidence and courage. We agree with what Isaiah said when he wrote, “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31).

Good stuff!

Note: Check out the link on this page!


  1. I love that scripture, but then again, I love ALL of scripture! Need strength for my journey, that's for sure. You're so right, life is rarely straight and predictable!

    Hope you had a very blessed Christmas! No snow here, but lots of rain!

  2. Now who would of thought David? When I looked at the picture all I saw was the title
    I never even noticed the leaping figure. It is just so amazing what a person, I should say what I miss, eh?
    Not so you Pilgrim David. What would we all do without you?
    ALWAYS digging for the truth and then passing it on to us!...from Terry

    Just got home for Katy's...No ducks yet but there are seagulls swimming in the cold water!