Saturday, December 23, 2006

The 2nd Best Gift

Today I received the 2nd best gift of the Christmas season (the 1st is Jesus, of course). My niece Holly, who many of you have been praying for, came home from Lyndhurst Rehab Hospital in Toronto for the Christmas season.

Our Fisher family Christmas celebration was held at Jim & Karen's home and Holly was taken out there from her parents' home by ambulance. How exciting for her to be home for about 2 weeks! She'll go back to Toronto on January 2nd.

Holly can move her legs and feet now and she can stand briefly but isn't able to take any steps yet.

She told me that being with family today helped to alleviate her pain and that being home was the best Christmas gift she could have.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Holly over the past six months. It's hard to believe that it was the end of June when she was involved in that terrible accident.

I took these pictures of Holly today. Please continue to pray! THANK YOU!


  1. Prettiest little Santa Clause I ever did see David!!...Merry Christmas to you and all your family ...Love Terry

  2. That's so fantastic that Holly was able to come home for the holidays. Rest assured of my prayers for her continued improvement.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Carol and the rest of the Fisher family!


    p.s. I was surprised to see a new look for Pilgrim Scribblings- I like it!

  3. It is great news to hear that Holly is doing so well. I really appreciate the opportunity you provide to be updated on her progress. Keep up the good work Holly. Love Hal& family