Friday, December 01, 2006

Moving In...


Today Saija and Leo take possession of their condo! After waiting for God's best, they are moving in and will be able to settle and enjoy their new place over the Christmas holidays!

Let's show our love and our gratitude to God by posting lots of comments on Saija's blog, Thro'A Glass Darkly!

Saija has been a blogging buddy right from the start and those in the "Fisher Connection" have come to love and appreciate her.

CONGRATULATIONS, Leo and Saija! We are thrilled on your behalf!

Note: Saija posted the pictured scripture verse on Thro' A Glass Darkly back in October when she and Leo were waiting to see how God would answer prayer. God has truly been good to them!

O. K. go to her blog now and leave a note. She'll appreciate it!


  1. Hey David,
    Blogger wont let go to her blog or any others


  2. while you guys were fighting with blogger, we were moving some boxes and trying to figure out how to put a closet organizer in the master bedroom! and oops, the master bedroom furniture may not fit???? but God is good - the condo is a perfect fit! wa-hoo!

    thanks for your encouragement, David! :o)

  3. Dear David..We are all rejoicing for our dear Saija and Leo!

    Good night all and have a good night with God's blessings...Lov eTerry