Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pilgrimage to Detroit

Our son Matthew wanted an early Christmas present...a trip to Detroit to see his Red Wings play. For some reason he has developed a passion for hockey and the Red Wings are his favorite team. Last night was a perfect time to make the trip because his cousin Mike Fisher was in town with the Senators to face the mighty (???) Wings. It was Matthews's first time to see Mike play "LIVE" since his cousin got to the NHL.

By the way, my Sens beat Matthew's Wings 3-2.

Matthew's favorite Detroit player is Robert Lang and he got to meet his hero in the Wives' Lounge after the game. Wow!

In no particular order, here are photos of Matthew waiting for the train in Cobourg, ON, riding on the train, meeting Robert Lang, Mike staying on top of the referee and a shot of the Joe Louis Arena. Another blessing for me was visiting with Red Wings goaltender Joey MacDonald, a former attender of our FISH get togethers with the Petes in Peterborough. I also saw former Peteborough Pete Jamie Tardif who had driven up from Toledo,OH where he plays for the Toledo Storm in the ECHL.

Now we'll catch the train here in Windsor and head for home. A great trip for father and son!
P. S. Mike picked up another assist in the game to make it even more special! Thanks, Mike, for the tickets and for everything else you do!


  1. My blogger account still isn't being accepted, so hopefully this will post.
    Those pictures are adorable! It must have been an exciting night for Matthew.
    Lucky Mike- he's had quite the cheering squad lately hasn't he?! It must mean a lot to him that his family is so supportive.
    Glad you and Matthew had a fun and safe trip. I'm sure he'll remember this for quite some time.

    God bless-

  2. those were cool pictures,

    glad that Matthew and you had agreat time together!

  3. Way cool of an outing for Matthew! The pictures say it all!n