Monday, December 18, 2006

Gettin' Ready

Saija heard about our house-warming party so she quickly started decorating. She only has three places set at the table so it's first come, first seated. Leo will be in his re-upholstered (sp?) recliner and the hostess, Saija, will be somewhere where we can wait on her royally.
Have you sent her a house-warming gift yet? Note: She doesn't want a space heater or an indoor barbecue.

Drop by for a visit HERE and wish them well. Maybe you'll get one of those three chairs.


  1. That's OK David...I can sit in any old corner. Maybe Jel can sit in another corner and you in another one and if there is fourth corner free then maybe Pilot mom can fly in with her mom and take that one and put Nana in the chair!!
    What say Pilgrim David... Is THAT a plan or what??? from Terry

    Ps.. if you want to be a gentleman David, you could offer Lauren-mary or Julie YOUR corner.

    That Brodie will probably be a no show!!...hee.. hee..

  2. *laughing* ... i didn't even post these ones on my blog ... i thought the place was still "in progess" and a tad messy ...

    oh well, friends will undoubtedly forgive me - since it had been less then a week since we had moved in, when i took these ones!

  3. I'm sure we can all squeeze in!!
    I'm heading over right now to give Saija my congrats!