Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Laura Gainey

When I first heard the news that Laura Gainey had been washed off the deck of the tall ship she was working on I felt sick to my stomach. What a tragic event to be lost at sea! I know her dad, Bob Gainey, the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens.

Last night at our Christmas Banquet for the Peterborough Petes we prayed, as a team, for Laura, Bob and the family. Bob lost his wife Cathy to cancer back in 1995.

Please pray for the Gainey family in the days ahead. In God's economy there's still a chance that Laura will be found but hope is diminishing. The search by the Coast Guard has been called off.

Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Thanks for reminder Dave. Bryan mentioned this tragedy yesterday.

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  2. My heart just breaks for the Gainey family...they are going through such a hard time right now, and so close to Christmas too.

    Only God knows where she is and what is happening which is of some comfort knowing that at least she isn't alone. Still praying for a miracle that she will be found alive and well and praying for the family as they wait for news.


  3. I heared about this,
    my prayers are with he and his family!

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  4. Dear David...When I saw the front page of the Toronto Star yesterday about the loss of these two children, I felt so sad.
    One little boy of twelve lost his life trying to save his 15 year old friend who had stepped on to thin ice and fell through.
    And then to read about the dear girl who it seemed had been finally changing her life around for the better and then being lost in the water was such a tragedy.
    I am just so glad that you have had contact with the hockey players and have spoken the gospel to them and that they have read your godly life David. You will never know until heaven how many of those people have been saved as a result.
    I will be praying for this family who you know so well and also for the parents who have lost their hero little boy.
    His friend was taken to the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

    Take care David..

  5. It seems my account isn't being accepted either, so I'm posting using the anonymous setting.

    This story has been all over the news,and it makes me so sad every time I hear about it. My thoughts and prayers to the Gainey family.
    With Boston rookie Phil Kessel being diagnosed with cancer yesterday too, I have a feeling that the match-up tonight will not be a pleasant one.
    Terry- I heard about the story of the two boys on the news last night. Yet another tragic story- takes the joy right out of the Christmas season doesn't it?.
    Right before I came over here, I wrote a quick post about the Lord is always watching over us. Hopefully everyone involved in all the tragedies will find some comfort in this.


  6. Elizabeth Natalie...I had to change my password too. All in all it took about half an hour before I could put my comment into David. I wonder how many comments he is missing because of blogger giving us a hard time, eh?

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    David, we are still praying for the Gainey family...From Terry

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    Hi Jel!! Hi Julie!!