Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Un-Sacrifice

Another thought-provoking, well-written, gut-wrenching piece of writing from Debra's web site, As I See It Now. See link on the left. It certainly challenged me when I read it. - David

This post will shake some of you up, but hang in there with me, ok? There's one thing I know for sure: If I want radical changes in my life, I will have to do some radical things in order to get them. It's downright foolish of me to keep doing the same old thing and expect different results. Years ago, God told me in order to make room for more of Him inside me, I would have to let go of anything which was taking the place reserved only for Him. It was like He would come to the theater of my heart, walk down the aisle to His reserved seat, and then find other people sitting there.

He doesn't like it when that happens.So because I told God I was willing to do whatever it took to become empty of me and full of Him, He put me through a sort of spiritual boot camp. We started with a class named Coming When Called 1A. It didn't sound hard. All I had to do was come away with God whenever that still, small voice called me. Well, it would have been easy if He only called me when nothing else was going on. But instead, I'd hear that voice call me right before my friends were going to go out for coffee. Or during the time my favorite tv show aired or even--gasp--right before a Sunday night church service.

He even asked me to stop writing letters to some of my friends, even though they probably would not understand why. Oh my... It didn't make sense back then, but it certainly does now. I was so addicted to friendship, that God had to yank my fingers from their death-grip upon it. He had to wake me to the need of obedience even in small areas like tv viewing. And the first time He had me stay home from a church service (no one went to church more than me, except perhaps the pastor--but maybe not even him) He showed me how I'd used such legalistic standards while judging others about their own church attendance (or lack thereof). And of course, since letters had been my lifeline, He had to tie that lifeline off--for a season.

I could go on and on. Coming When Called 1A was no easy A--trust me. It required sacrifice because let's face it--it is never easy to die. It is never easy to do what almost no one else thinks you should do. And yet...and yet sooner than you would have guessed, it became more of an un-sacrifice. Something which appeared harder to my friends and others who didn't understand than it was in actuality to me. When God tells you to do something, He usually forgets to tell your friends about it. He means to do that--it's all part of the course. It's on every test.

Coming When Called 1A became a joy, because there is nothing sweeter on Earth than spending time with the God who made you for Himself. There is nothing more wonder-filled than His presence. Like I said, my death-grip had been on friendship and seeking approval. What is yours on?It took radical obedience for me to be set free from my various addictions. I took Coming When Called 1A eleven years ago and I'm still going through God College. I've taken lots of courses since then and still have never found an easy one I can recommend to you. But I will recommend this: Don't try to skip courses or cut class. Don't expect to sail through any course God puts you through in a measly week or two. All changes take time. But you can expect help from Grace. She doesn't hand out cheat sheets, or anything, but she will help you with your homework.


  1. Thanks, David! What a surprise it was to come here and find you had shared another of my posts. :)Blessings on your day... Debra

  2. Debra is a treasure ... she has really uplifted my winter months and this post spoke to my heart too! i'm glad you shared it for those who haven't visited her blog yet ... and if you look in her archives, you'll find Spirit inspired thoughts ...

    hey your thoughts aren't too shabby either!

    Lord bless you! ...