Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Still I Will Trust

The following peom brought much encouragement to my soul as I read it. Isaiah 41:10 has always been one of my favorite portions of scripture. Please check out Saija's web site, Thro' a Glass Darkly, for other encouraging "posts" (See the link at the left). May you know God's loving embrace TODAY as you lean on His everlasting arms.


Still I will trust, though all my hopes lie shattered
In broken fragments at my feet:
Though all my plans, like driven leaves, are scattered
By winds of darkness and defeat.
For in my need I hear my Saviour saying,
In answer to my pleading and my praying,
“I am thy God, be not afraid:
I will be near, be not dismayed!”

Yea, in the deepest shadows of death’s valley,
Where sorrows circle me around;
When all the powers of darkness seem to rally,
And scarce a ray of light is found.
Then will I trust in Christ with great rejoicing,
In Him who once again His love is voicing -
"I am thy God, be not afraid;
I will be near, be not dismayed!”

So will I walk with Christ, in faith believing,
With childlike trust, whate’er betide:
And from His hand His strength and love receiving,
As in His presence I abide.
Thus shall I journey on to His glad morrow,
Where I shall hear him say, “Lay down thy sorrow,
Come dwell with Me in realms above,
Where all is light, and life, and love.”

- Albert Simpson Reitz

I found comfort in this poem in the days when Leo didn't yet know the Lord, and I prayed earnestly for his salvation; in the dark days of his surgeries and disappointments, because there was no cure for the chronic pain and God said "no" to healing; in the darker days of a marriage in trouble ... the Lord has never once let go of my hand and has always given me a song in the night ... He will do the same for you ... - Saija

Saija & Leo on a recent outing

Note: Regarding the "ministry" of blogging, Saija's husband Leo follows the Toronto Blue Jays during the baseball season. When Saija and Leo found out (through my blog) that I'm the Jays' chapel leader they committed to pray for me and for others on the team who I have mentioned. God is doing great things through this "blogging" phenomena. Thanks for your prayers on my behalf. - David


  1. i have read that poem a thousand times ... literally ... and even as i re-read it in your post, it encouraged my heart!!! powerful words to lift up a sagging spirit ...

  2. It pleases me to know that you have found comfort in this poem written by my father. I have many, many more of his poems -- all beautiful and comforting. I would be happy to share some of them with you.

    Alberta Reitz Brose