Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pilgrim's Marching Song

Since attending the Greater Vision/Legacy Five concert the other night, I've almost worn out the latest CD from Greater Vision, "Greater Vision Now and Then". The first song is entitled "On a Journey" and I've played it over and over again. I can envision a "band of believers" lifting their voices heavenward as we get closer to home.

On A Journey

We are on a journey,
Ev'ry step brings us closer home;
We're going to keep our eyes on Jesus
Knowing that He'll lead us
To that land where streets are purest gold.


Walking together towards heaven
Talking and singing about heaven,
Brothers and sisters
Members of the Family of God;
I can't wait to leave here
Don't you want to be there?
When the saints all go marching in;
Some from every nation
What a celebration!
Hand in hand, together with the Lord.

Those who've gone before us
With the Lord will greet us
As we walk through those gates of pearl;
We're going to bow our knees before Him
We're going to worship and adore Him
It's the church, forever with the Lord.

Fellow pilgrims, don't grow weary! The Great Shepherd will lead us safely home! Can you see the lights of heaven just up ahead? Press on, dear friends!

Check out Greater Vision's Web Site at: to order this CD.


  1. It's good to see you back to 'almost' normal! Hope you figure everything out. I've decided that I am going to copy my template to Word so if I lose it, I can just paste it back in!

  2. i'm glad to see things up and running too ... :) ... it was a learning curve, right? ... i loved the Pilgrim's marching song! awww, to see the lights of heaven ... won't that be cool!

  3. Many people, including my maternal grandfather, have seen the lights of heaven while slipping in and out of consciousness on their death bed. Just about to cross the threshold from time into eternity, but slipping back for a moment, just long enought to whisper, "It's beautiful". My Grandpa said, "Oh...I'm back", then after his last sigh, closed his eyes and went to see The Light.
    E. Natalie Johnson