Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mystery Woman

Who is this woman? Only two clues...she was a strong Christian and her work still lives on. The first correct answer wins a prize! Who is this mystery woman?

Who Is This Woman?


  1. Hey David -

    My guess at this "mystery woman" is Fanny Crosby. Am I right?!! Am I right?!! What do I win???

  2. a strong Christian and her work still lives on ... hmmmm ...

    brodiemac's answer is a good one ... so i'll have to choose another - Florence Nightingale had some pretty good creditentals ...

  3. Here's a hint. Thos woman goes by her three names . . . first, middle and last. The initial for her middle name is R. She was from England! Anyone who checks the comments will get this hint. It's the only one I can give while I'm away from my home cumputer.


  4. Hi David,
    Just got home from church and thought to check your blog. Is this not the face of Frances Ridley Havergal i see at the top of your blog today? (not sure of spelling though). I only know this because i recently attended a lecture on this amazing author of antiquity.

  5. Hello,
    is this mystery woman Madame Jean Guyon???