Friday, April 22, 2005

Last Night I Was In Heaven

GOOD NEWS! - Last night (April 21st) I was in heaven. BAD NEWS! - I had to come back down at 11:00 p.m. If you've read my profile (see above) you'll know that I love Southern Gospel music. Greater Vision and Legacy Five are my two favorite groups. Last night both of them were together in Georgetown, Ontario, about 100 miles from our home. Our son Matthew (9) went with me. He loves this style of music as much as I do and has memorized dozens of songs. One of the singers noticed Matthew and commented on his talent after the concert and others noticed that he was singing along on most of Greater Vision's songs. To hear these three men sing It Is Well With My Soul with such tight harmonies gave me goose bumps. Of course the crowd gave the guys a standing ovation at the end of their rendition. Wow! "Heaven came down and glory filled my soul". Sounds like a good song title but someone already used it.

Greater Vision, Three Great Guys!

Anyhow, with apologies to Melissa Rose, Brodie MacLeod, David Kennedy, Tom Tucker and others who think I'm "nuts", it was a night when Jesus was exalted and made much of! We sensed His presence in a powerful way! Too bad "heaven" ended at 11 and we had to make the long drive home. I cranked up the CD player and enjoyed "the best music this side of heaven" all the way home.

Next time I go to "heaven" why don't you come along with me!

Award Winners...Legacy Five


  1. it sounds like you got hit with a blessing! :)

    and making memories with your son as well ...

    that sounds like a DOUBLE blessing ... !!!

  2. Saija: It was a double blessing for sure. Please pray for me as I prepare for Sunday's chapels with the Jays and Orioles. Have a great weekend and keep looking to Jesus! In His love, David