Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Piano Interlude

Recently I stopped at my mother's home due to a sudden urge to play the piano. As I was "fiddling around" on the piano (mom wasn't there), the lyrics and melody to a praise chorus came to me. Being a lover of old hymns, the lyrics were "King James Version'ish" but that's me! I'm glad I scribbled down the words because the tune has left me . . . for now at least. Thought you might enjoy these lyrics:


Almighty God, Ancient of Days

O Thou Almighty God
Ancient of Days,
Loving and Faithful One
Thy name we praise!

Now and eternally
Thou art the same;
Crowned now in majesty,
Exalt your name!

We worship Thee, O Christ,
Thy anthem raise!

- David W. Fisher

1 comment:

  1. i love hymns of praise ... i can't play the piano, but i can sing on key (most of the time ... *smile*) ... there is nothing that can uplift a heart like the type of hymn you shared ... thank you!