Monday, April 04, 2005


Recently I had the distinct pleasure (and thrill) of hearing our son Tim take a segment of the preaching time at the church where he is an elder. Tim and his pastor challenged the congregation at Lincoln Road Chapel in Waterloo, Ontario. Tim had given me a "heads up" a week or two ago that he would be preaching and asked me to keep him in my prayers as he prepared and presented. Of course I was thrilled to do so. I told Tim by e-mail that I had a commitment I had to keep (thus making him think I couldn't be present yesterday). Actually the "commitment" was to be there and I slipped into the back row just before the service began and "hid" behind someone so Tim wouldn't see me. Tim did a "great job" (and I'm not just biased) and following the service I walked up behind him and commented, "not bad, Tim". Of course he was surprised and very pleased that I had come to hear him.

That was a momentous occasion for both father and son! What a privilege to be there! I was reminded afresh that those "little things" that we do for our kids are, in fact, "huge" for them. Let's determine, by God's enabling, to do some of those "little things" this week for those that we rub shoulders with.

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