Sunday, April 01, 2007

You'll Never Hear Me Say...

My friend Paul Mackay (Still Rambling) had an interesting post this week. He entitled it "Things You'll Never Hear Me Say" or something like that.

Check it out @

I could add a hearty AMEN to many of his!

Here's a SUNDAY SEVENTEEN list of my own. Note: I may step on some of my friends toes by doing this but it may evoke some discussion amongst my 16 readers plus Brodie (actually that makes my SUNDAY SEVENTEEN readers). So, don't be offended. Remember the scriptural passage that states (my own paraphrase), "Blessed are those that love Thy law and nothing shall offend them." So make your be blessed or to be offended...


  1. I'm getting a two-four (24) tonight and hanging out with the boys.
  2. I'm going to hear Joyce Meyer this weekend.
  3. We've been here at this Christian bookstore for an hour. When can we leave?
  4. I hope the Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup.
  5. I'm getting tired of singing hymns written by old guys like Isaac Watts and William Cowper.
  6. Barry Bonds is my favorite ballplayer.
  7. I'm getting tired of eating at Baton Rouge.
  8. Matthew and Nathan, can't we eat at McDonalds instead of always going to Kelseys?
  9. Now that I've been to England, I don't want to do back again.
  10. I love those "Name It and Claim It" preachers on TV.
  11. Write me and I'll send you your special "indigo-colored" prayer cloth.
  12. Let's go to Camden, New Jersey for our summer holidays.
  13. John Piper is not a good author.
  14. Mike Fisher is just a mediocre hockey player.
  15. Does this $75.00 shirt, reduced to $3.99, just come in XXL?
  16. I wish my mother would move out of the home she's lived in for 60 years.
  17. I hate getting comments on my Pilgrim Scribblings blog.

There, that's my Sunday Seventeen. But it's April Fool's day so let me add a few more...and I'm NOT fooling:

  1. I hate going to Chapters all the time. Books are for nerds.
  2. Big Macs are my favorite burgers.
  3. Let's buy one of those SMART cars.
  4. Can we invite another 20 kids over to play with our boys this weekend?
  5. This arthritis I'm battling is wonderful. It really feels good!
  6. I'm going to send $1,000.00 to the TBN telecast.
  7. Jan Crouch's hair really suits her.
  8. I hate flying FIRST CLASS on an airplane.
  9. I'm always pleased when the lady in front of me on the plane puts her seat back into my lap 20 minutes before my 8 hour flight.
  10. I hate lists.

So, there you have it! Sorry if I offended you. If anyone can agree with and say a loud AMEN to all 27 of these, I'll give you one of those "indigo-colored" prayer cloths.

Just write to me at.............


  1. You will never hear me say...

    1.Betty, let's go shopping for a new wardrobe.

    2.Oh no Bernie...Do we HAVE to go to Best-Buy? AGAIN? Don't want to!
    And if you take me to another Future Shop or Staples Store I will just scream!!

    3.I'm getting tired of picking up Sunday School kids.
    After all they don't even wipe their feet before they come into the little red car, and those candy wrappers are making me so mad!
    And all those finger prints on the windows are driving me crazy!!
    And if I have to buckle up one more kid into a bumper seat, I will be pulling my hair out by the roots!!!

    4. Bernie.. let's get another four or five cats.

    5 Bernie... stop opening the car door for me. I am a women's lib..Oh did you say it is really called women's "lip"? Oh well what ever!... Let me do my OWN door opening,and shutting, I say!

    5.I don't want to go to prayer meeting tonight.The weather outside is way too nice to be wasting time going there!
    Save it for a rainy day!!!

    6.I hate leaving comments on that David Fisher's blog!!Gimme a break!!

    7.Turn that Southern Gospel off!!Enough's enough already!

    8.Let's get rid of the internet!!

    9.Hey why tip the waitress Bernie? They are earning their money just the same as the rest of us who get NO tips!

    10.Gee, I wish that we could have 12 months of cold weather and tons of snow!
    Spring and summer is for the birds!
    And for Mrs. Mac and Susan Walker.

    11.Sorry Grampa Yade, but I am getting just too tired of making cds of your stories!!
    Find someone else to do the job or DO it yourself!

    12.I am going to ger rid of this white hair...Hmm....Maybe I will change to a red head!!Or maybe just shave my head bald like Howie Mandrell.

    13.Oh I just LOVE going to tupper wear parties!
    Soooo much fun!!
    I just ADORE the fun games they play and I really DO need some more plastic to cram into the cupboards!

    14. Let's go to Bingo!!

    15.I agree with that Fisher guy..I just loathe those old hymns. Dont they know we are in the modern generation?

    16. Yeh! Let's put mom into the nursing home Bernie... Why be bothered? Big deal if she gave the best of her life to us.
    It is OUR turn to live now!!
    Out of sight our of mind, eh?
    That's my policy!

    17.No way Bernie...I NEVER want to go to that Manitoba again. Way too flat and windy to suit me!Too much space!

    And last but NOT least I will give an 18th..PLEASE Bernie can we go to Tim Hortons.
    I am getting SICK and TIRED of this Macdonalds' coffee and sick and tired of paying senior price and getting free refills.......Terry

    Ha!.. Ha! David Fisher...We sure don't have the Pilgrim spirit today ,eh?
    There's been a whole lot of complaining going on!!!

  2. About that #4...I know you don't want any team but the Senators to win the cup (gag!) but I'd like the Flyers to win the cup...but not until my buy Steve Downie gets to the team! :D

  3. Okay, so I can't spell...that should read "my boy" not my buy!!

  4. What a great list!
    Well, now that I've been reminded of how delicious Baton Rouge is, suddenly the tuna casserole I made for dinner doesn't seem as appealing! Every time I eat there I'm convinced I gain about 10 pounds, but everything is just so delicious! (And I must agree on Kelsey's as well!).
    Actually, I have to agree with you on the hymns too- I may be part of the "younger generation", but I still love the old hymns.
    (And how amazing would it be to see Little Fish and the Sens bring home the Cup this year?!?)